Our mission at PVT is aimed at providing dynamic logistic services

Flatbed and Specialized Equipment

Specialization is our business! We take pride in our ingenuity and dedication when it comes to specialized transportation. If there is something that needs to be moved, we can move it.

Domestic and Dedicated van Services

We provide daily ocean and air freight pick ups, freight consolidation, and distribution for many of our customers. Our central location to seaports, airports and transport hubs is key to our ability to provide fast and great service.

Import/Export & small Truck Delivery

Handling pick-up and delivery of shipments at the ports and airports is where we can help. Including the warehousing, repacking, labeling and organizing freight we can do it for you. We can also help with preparations for product being exported out of the US.

Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions

From 200 to 250,000 square feet, we offer storage solutions adaptable to all companies. With our experienced warehouse staff and dynamic structure we are able to accomodate all warehousing needs.

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Our passion for customer service is what separates us from anyone else in our industry.

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